Good selection drives down costs and has a wide ranging impact on your business.

Over 25 years, Campbell Birch has developed its world-wide reputation for leading the field in the recruitment of Commercial (including Bid), Legal and Procurement professionals for the technology sector: IT, Communications, Space and Defence Technology, and for selected global IT users such as Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, Transport and Retail.

We bring to the table exclusive expertise in interviewing and shortlisting, candidate and job skills profiling, salary and benefits surveys, and consultancy.

The value we add to the services we offer ensures that your interviewing time is invested successfully. We focus on best practice and deliver thoroughness and quality. We value working in partnership with our customers and the way we interpret our terms and conditions of business reflects this.

We have the skills and experience to support you with a range of innovative professional services and to this end we encourage you to review your experiences and requirements with us so we can make the right business offering to you.
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